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Makes Him Want To Put A Bag Over His Head

| Working | February 10, 2015

(I am ringing up a customer who is known by almost all of the staff as being deaf. Our store requires the cashier and bagger to greet the customer, offer carry-out, etc. I smile at the customer and say:)

Me: “Hi, how are you today?”

(She smiles and nods. I usually have small chit chat with the customers while I am ringing them up, but since I don’t know sign language, I keep silent and continue ringing her up, smiling at her as I do so. A known obnoxious bagger comes to help me bag the order.)

Bagger: “Hi, ma’am, how are you today?”

(The customer doesn’t reply since she is deaf and didn’t notice he has spoken to her.)

Bagger: “Ma’am, I asked you how you are today.”

(Still not getting a response and getting angry for her not answering him, I decide to intervene.)

Me: “[Bagger], she can’t hear you.”

Bagger: *screaming as loud as he can* “MA’AM, HOW ARE YOU TODAY?!”

Me: “[Bagger], she’s deaf!”

(The bagger turned red and didn’t say a word the rest of the transaction. I have learned to change my wording for the future to ‘She is deaf’ not ‘She can’t hear you.’)

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