Makes Her Problems Grow With This One Easy Trick!

| Friendly | January 21, 2017

(There is an old lady who has no family left and is very lonely. She just turned 79. My family visits her every Saturday. She has tech problems and is often targeted by scammers. My mom tells her not to answer the phone if she doesn’t know the number. My brother and I are home-schooled. I am doing algebra when the phone rings. My mom answers it.)

Mom: “Oh, hi, [Old Lady]… Yes… Oh, no… Oh, good! But— Oh… I see… I’ll be there in twenty minutes. DON’T TOUCH ANYTHING.” *hangs up* “[My Name], you’re in charge. I’ll be right back.”

Me: “What happened?”

Mom: “[Old Lady] got a call from an unknown number. She didn’t answer it.”

Me: “Good, so what’s the problem?”

Mom: “[Old Lady] called back.”

Me: “…”

Mom: “Now I have to cancel her credit card.”

(On another day, my brother and I are playing a board game when my mom comes up.)

Mom: “Hey, [My Name], [Brother]?”

Me: “Yeah?”

Mom: “[Old Lady] literally just fell for the Nigerian Prince scam. I’ll be back.”

(She leaves. My brother smacks his head against his hand repeatedly.)

Brother: “Nigeria doesn’t even have a prince. It’s a f****** democracy.”

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