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Make Way For Someone Who Gives A Darn

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About once a week, I would pop into my local craft/game store. I wasn’t massively into the game top side of it, but I enjoyed the artistic side. I would get “commissions” from friends who wanted a piece painted a particular way. It was fun and it was like being paid to have a hobby. It was great.

The owner of the shop was a wonderful man. He was really patient and helped me find the materials I needed or recommended alternatives. He hadn’t been around the last few times; a younger guy was watching the shop, hiding toward the back.

I was shopping for some supplies but found the shelves oddly empty.

Me: “Hi, I’m looking for like a moss green. Do you have any?”

Sales Guy: “Ugh, greens are over there.”

Me: “I know, but the shelves are empty. That’s pretty unusual. Do you know when you will get more stock?”

Sales Guy: “I don’t know. I just do the sales.”

This was weird; they never run out completely. Even if they were restocking, the owner could find anything from the back in seconds.

Me: “Okay, I’ll try again tomorrow?”

He shrugged at me and I left. I came back a few days later and the shop was closed for lunch. The sign said they’d be back at 12:00, but it was nearly 1:00.

I came back the next week, and the shelves were even more empty and the shop was a bit of a mess. The sales guy was in his normal slumped position on a stool at the back of the shop. 

I didn’t bother asking him. I went to the shelf and found it in the same condition it had been in the first time I visited. I grabbed a feedback form and put down everything I’d seen.

I didn’t make it to the shop again for two more weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to see the owner there.

Me: “Oh, hi! Good to see you back.”

Owner: “Yeah, we had some issues with a staff member. But what can I do you for?”

Me: “Just looking to refill some supplies. Have you had a delivery?”

Owner: “Fully stocked and on the shelves. Listen, you know your stuff, right? I mean, no one I know spends as much time in the store or talking about the products as you do.”

Me: “I guess.”

Owner: “Fancy a job?”

Me: “Well, I’ve never worked in sales before.”

Owner: “It comes with a 20% employee discount.”

I took it! I’ve spent a year here so far. The owner has helped me all the way, and I get to spend even more time painting. Some of my pieces are on display and for sale in the shop!

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