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Make Them Go Red About The Redhead

, , , , | Right | July 29, 2021

My husband and I both work at a large national retailer but in different departments. Most coworkers and customers know — it’s a small town — but we keep it professional.

My husband and I are working in our respective areas, within sight of each other, when a creepy old guy sidles up to him and strikes up a conversation.

Creepy Old Guy: “Man, it sure must be nice working here.”

Husband: “It pays the bills.”

Creepy Old Guy: “Lotta lookers around here.”

Husband: “I guess.”

Creepy Old Guy: “I mean, check out that redhead bent over that shelf over there. She’s clearly just asking for men like us to check out her a**!”

Husband: *Raising his voice.* “That’s. My. WIFE.”

He said he’d never seen a grown man scurry away quite so fast.

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