Make That 11 Things I Hate About You

| Friendly | March 5, 2015

(I am stationed overseas and keep in touch with a lot of my friends through instant messaging when this conversation unfolds.)

Friend: “You know how you can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed… but can you ever just be whelmed?”

Me: “Love that movie… like no joke LOVE that movie.”

Friend: “What movie?”

Me: “You quoted 10 Things I Hate About You.”

Friend: “Who did this now?”

(At this point I link back to his first line.)

Me: “The reply was ‘I think you can in France.'”

Friend: “Th… that wasn’t a quote, I was just making a general joke. I wasn’t quoting anything. Turns out people can have original thoughts without spouting a meme!”

(I copy and paste the bit from IMDB, proving my point.)

Friend: “That’s… eerie.”

Me: “See! I thought you knew!”

Friend: “Never even heard of this movie.”

Me: “I just facepalmed and groaned SO loud…”

(As it turned out, we can’t not have original thoughts.)

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