Make Sure You Can-non Draw

| Learning | May 24, 2013

(I have just gotten my twin brother transferred into my history class because his was making him want to drop out. It’s his first day and the teacher is going over the US Civil War.)

Teacher: “… and the field artillery used cannons to help support the infantry and cavalry forces in the field. Let me show you what a cannon looks like.”

(He goes over to the board and begins to draw a simple cannon. First he draws the wheel and then draws the chase of the cannon, but realizes it looks quite phallic. He quickly erases it with his hand.)

Teacher: “On second thought, you guys are old enough to know what a cannon is.”

Classmates: “No, no [teacher]! We don’t know. Please continue drawing it!”

(He turns to the class and gives us all that “look” as we are all grinning from ear to ear and laughing.)

Brother: “[My name], this is the best class ever.”

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