Make No Secret About Their Feelings

| AB, Canada | Learning | June 7, 2015

(I am in grade 10 when a popular talk show promotes a video/book called ‘The Secret’.)

Teacher: “I know everyone has been working hard on their sewing projects, so today we’re going to watch a movie! It’s REALLY important and will help you guys in your future. I just love the information it shares.”

(The movie in question is a really new-agey and tries to drive home the point that if you really truly want something, all you need to do to get it is let out good vibes and think really hard about it. It’s safe to say that none of us took it as seriously as the teacher. In the middle of watching, after a particularly silly part:)

Friend #1: “Man, this is such bull. I want to work on my skirt…”

Friend #2: “I’m just freakin’ thirsty. Let me think really hard about wanting a drink and maybe one will magically appear before me!”

Me: *slowly slides my soda bottle in front of them* “The universe answers! Behold the power of ‘The Secret!'”

(Our teacher didn’t find it as funny as we did.)

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