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Make Me Money Or I’ll Take Your Money!

, , , | Working | November 3, 2022

The worst experience I ever had with a boss was at my “student job”. The boss asked me to work for him full-time as a permanent worker. He was ready to name me the manager of one of the shops. I declined politely as I had something lined up abroad already. I only had four days left at the job.

Two days later, [Boss] and a branch manager came while I was working and accused me of stealing 2,000€.

Boss: “You need to reimburse us, or you need to keep working until your debt is fully paid.”

Me: “What?! No! I’ve never stolen anything in my life!”

They kept pressing me until they made me cry.

I left, and my boyfriend took me to the police station to make a report.

Obviously, I didn’t show up for work the next day. I received a threatening letter but didn’t care. I left.

Several months later, while I was working abroad, my parents called me. I had received a summons from the police. I took days off.

Right away, the police officer told me that he had received many complaints from former employees of my former boss, and he wanted to know if I wanted also to make a formal complaint.

Right after this, I moved very far away, and I never heard how that turned out, but I know that the boss rushed to sell and close all his shops.

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