Make Love, Not Warcraft

| OH, USA | Romantic | July 27, 2012

(My boyfriend and I met playing World of Warcraft. It is my first birthday with him. We can’t be together for my birthday.)

Boyfriend: “Happy birthday! Check your game mail.”

Me: “Why?”

Boyfriend: “Just check your game mail!”

(In my game mail is the vanity pet I’ve been wanting (a white kitten), a new dress for my ‘toon’ (the purple one I’ve been wanting), birthday cake, and a note to put on the dress and bring the rest with me.)

Me: “Where am I going?”

(He sends me a game invite and tells me to come to him. I put on the dress and fly to where he is, near a waterfall. He has a picnic basket set out. He asks me to sit with him and ‘partake’ of the picnic basket. As soon as I click the basket, hearts start going over our heads and I’m giggling. Unknown to me, he is taking screen shots. Next thing I know I get an email from him containing a picture he has edited from our picnic into a heart. It states, “You WoW me, happy birthday!” It is the most romantic birthday I have ever had. After our picnic, we run a dungeon where we slaughter everything, with my new little white kitty following us.)

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