Make Bad Your Escape

, , , | Right | August 16, 2018

(We have fire exit doors in the electronics department that lead to the garden center. The garden center is fenced in and has several gates to get out. All of them but the one across from the electronics fire doors are used for loading heavy products into customer’s cars. The ones across from electronics are a fire door, as well. All of a sudden, a piercing, screeching alarm rings through my department. It can be heard across the store. I’m the only one there at the moment, since my coworker is on break; she should be back any second.)

Me: *on phone with service desk* “Anyone know what’s going on?”

Service Desk: “Hang on; let me figure it out! Looks like it’s a water pump? They should turn off the alarms soon.”

(I go back to stocking. A few customers scream at me to “turn that thing off!” Only the store manager has access to disable the fire alarms. The store manager comes over to my fire doors and disables them. However, the alarm is still going on. Suddenly, a garden center employee flags us down; the fire gate is open. The managers are trying to handle it, so I go back to my department, and asset protection has me check to see if anything was stolen. Nothing. A garden center cashier approaches me.)

Coworker: “So, it turns out that the customer who I was checking out didn’t want to wait for me to unlock a gate to help him load his mulch and decided to use the fire exit and do it himself.”

(The alarms were finally turned off about 15 minutes after he told me. They got the customer’s license plate and he was on camera.)

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