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Make An Early Booking

| Working | March 2, 2015

(I am 14, and I spend all my time hanging out at a particular bookstore, browsing, drinking their coffee, and reading.)

Customer: “Excuse me; I’m looking for a science fiction novel.”

Me: “Sure. Do you know who it’s by or what it’s called?”

Customer: “Well, I wasn’t sure which one; it’s a gift for a friend…”

(The customer tells me what their friend is interested in, and I recommend some of my favorite authors and help them select a book.)

Me: “I don’t really work here, so you’ll need to see an employee to pay for it… No need to apologize. I just like this place.”

Manager: “Excuse me; I keep seeing you doing that…”

Me: “Yeah, I just like talking to people about my favorite books. I hope I’m not overstepping or anything…”

Manager: “No, it’s great. You should apply for a job!”

Me: “I’m too young, sadly. I checked the application form already…”

Manager: “When you’re old enough, then. You practically work here already. I’m not really supposed to promise people jobs, but I think we can make an exception for you.”

(I had to move out of town a few months later, but 16 years later I still wonder what my life would have been like if I’d been able to stay and work for them and have my first job in a place I loved!)

Question of the Week

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