Make A Covenant To Never Follow Your Advice

| Friendly | November 22, 2016

(My friend and I are taking turns playing Halo 5. Currently, we are playing a game mode that is mainly defend a place or kill/destroy specific enemies. The current thing to kill is a one of the largest and most difficult enemies in the game, about as tall as a small house. My friend is in a light, single person vehicle, and while it’s good for ramming smaller targets, anything that has a decent amount of armor, i.e. anything that is more than the weakest enemies, will likely survive, and probably kill you if you don’t explode ramming it. Also note my friend and I joke about each other’s intellect.)

Me: “Ram him.”

Friend: “That’s suicide!”

(Half a second later, he’s at full speed straight at the enemy, and on contact dies due to his vehicle exploding.)

Me: “And yet you do it anyway.”

Friend: “Why did I listen to you?”

Me: “Never listen to me! My plans never work! You should know that by now!”

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