9 Stories of Irresponsible Parents Who Never Should Have Had Children

Mainstream | January 14, 2020

Over the years, we’ve received numerous stories of irresponsible parents that made us wonder why they had children.

Here are some of the worst parenting stories from our archives!


1. The parent whose son peed on the floor:

(A customer and her eight-year-old son approach me.)

Customer: “My son peed on one of your aisles.”

Customer’s Son: *shouting* “I peed myself!”

Customer: “Stop yelling!”

Customer’s Son: “I peed myself! I peed myself! I peed myself!”

Me: “Why did you pee yourself?”

Customer’s Son: “My mom was taking too long and I told her I had to pee and she said okay so I peed myself. Am I in trouble?”

Me: “No. We will just get this cleaned up. Just make sure next time you find the bathroom, okay?”

Customer’s Son: “Okay. Where’s the bathroom? I gotta poop, too.”


11 Twitter Stories So Incredible They Sound Like A Lie

Mainstream | January 8, 2020

Canadian writer Aidan Moher recently challenged Twitter users to tell a story about themselves that “sounds like a lie but is absolutely true.”

The answers, if real, show that life can be stranger than fiction!

1. So *that’s* where that went…


10 Reasons Why Customers Should Not Be Trusted With Their Own Money

Mainstream | December 16, 2019

10 Reasons Why Customers Shouldn't Be Trusted With Their Own Money

The following are hilarious, yet revealing stories that show why some customers can’t be trusted with their own money!

1. They spend money they haven’t got.

Me: “Your total is $**.**.”

(The customer hands me card, I run it and hand it back to her.)

Customer: “Oh, no! That’s my debit card! I don’t have any money in my account. It’s going to be declined.”

Me: “Well, your purchase went through.”

Customer: “Oh, well, if it went through, that means I have enough money in my account.”

Me: “Well, not necessarily. My brother got himself into a lot of debt by using his cards after he’d reached his limit.”

Customer: “You mean I could still use this card even if there’s no money in the account?”

Me: “It’s possible, but I’m not familiar with your bank system.”

Customer: *to friend* “Do you want to go to the nail salon?”


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