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Magical Food That Never Existed

, , , | Right | January 25, 2022

We get a new manager in our little section of a certain magical kingdom. He has been with the company for several years and has previously worked at table service restaurants at some of the swankier hotels.

There’s an unruly guest at one of the registers next to mine. The guest came up and told [Coworker] that our custodians had thrown away three trays of her food, and she wanted it replaced. That, to both me and her, immediately sent up a red flag. At a park as busy as ours, NO ONE would leave a table full of food unattended for any amount of time.

Coworker: “Do you have the receipt for your order?”

Guest: “My sister took it on a ride with her.”

Again, red flag.

Coworker: “Okay, how was the meal paid for?”

Guest: “I don’t know; my dad paid for it.”

Coworker: “Then I’m afraid we can’t replace the food.”

The guest throws an absolute fit and [Coworker] has to go get the manager. The manager steps forward to address the situation.

Manager: “Yes, I’m the manager here. How may I help you?”

Guest: “Yes, I was here, and the cleaners threw away three trays worth of food, and the girl that was here earlier was giving me a hard time about getting it replaced.” 

Manager: “Okay, do you have a receipt?”

Guest: “No, my sister has it on a ride.”

Manager: *Looking a little doubtful* “Okay, do you know which register your ordered from?”

Guest: “No, my dad did it.”

Manager: “Okay, well, I need some information so we can replace your order properly, so, which ride is your sister on? Or, perhaps you can go get your dad?”

Guest: “Really? Can I speak to the real manager?”

Manager: “I am the manager, and I’d be happy to help you.”

Guest: “But it’s just food. Our food got thrown away and we need it replaced, and we’ve already had a long wait and a hard time with the other girl, so will you just replace it?”

Manager: “At this point, without a receipt, no, I cannot.”

Guest: “My brothers and sisters are starving! I thought this was [Theme Park], where dreams come true and magic happens!”

Manager: “So starving they went back on the rides, to wait in line for at least another hour before eating? Please come back with the receipt and your father, because at this point, the magic can’t happen.”

The guest sputtered for a few seconds and then stormed off in a huff. She never returned.

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