Magic: The Happening

| Friendly | October 11, 2015

(My boyfriend has decided the best way to help me learn how to build my own deck is to take me to a Magic: the Gathering draft event. We start the draft and everything is going smoothly until the guy on my right slows progress. Note: unlike most present, I don’t look nerdy in the slightest.)

Guy: *starts to hand me the next pack* “No! Wait!” *pulls it back and swaps cards* “Here!” *offers them to me again then snatches them and swaps cards again* “Sorry! I just don’t know which one I want!”

Me: *irritated, in perfect mimicry of Gollum’s voice* “Is it going to give us the cards or isn’t it, precious?”

(Cue bewildered stares from everyone in the room except for my boyfriend, who laughs.)

Boyfriend: *grinning* “Yeah, she does that.”

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