Magic Mic

| Romantic | August 9, 2012

(My friends and I have been to a few open-mics since the start of term. I have noticed a face among the regular performers and am harboring a bit of a crush. I’ve been on YouTube earlier in the day to have a look at his music. Somehow at a smaller open-mic, my friends manage to position me right in front of him for his set.)

Him: “There was something I wanted to say, but I really can’t remember.”

(I mutter something to my friends.)

Him: “Oh, yeah! You!” *points at me* “How do you know the words to all my songs?”

Friend: “She’s your stalker!”

Me: *mortified and speaking too fast* “I looked you up on YouTube and I have a stupidly good memory for lyrics.”

(He grins, I go get another drink and to kill my friends. We got together a month later!)

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