Made Your Day Magical, Part 2

, , , | Hopeless | July 12, 2016

(This story takes place a couple of years ago. There is a comic and game store inside a local mini mall that I frequently visit to play Magic: the Gathering. It is between rounds in a small tournament they’re hosting, so I am passing the time on a bench just outside the store. Across from the store is a hair and nail salon, and I see a little girl start crying. I get up and approach the girl and her mother.)

Me: “Is everything okay? What happened?”

Girl: *crying* “Mommy, owie!”

Mother: *to me* “It’s okay. She just pinched her finger a little in the door.”

(The mother turns to her daughter and begins to comfort her. I look down at my phone and see my cell phone charm of an anime character I really like. I take the charm off my phone and hand it out for the girl.)

Me: “This is [Anime Character], and he always does a good job of making me feel better whenever I’m sad or hurt. I’ll let you borrow him for a little while if you promise to take care of him, okay?”

Girl: *wipes her eyes and nods, taking the charm* “Thank you…”

(I headed back into the game store for the next round of the tournament. When I came back out during the next break the girl’s mother was waiting for me near the bench and returned my charm to me, telling me that her daughter was feeling much better and wanted to thank me for what I did. In the end I placed near the bottom in the Magic tournament, but I’m glad I was able to brighten that little girl’s day.)


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