Made A Con-certed Hug

| Friendly | March 19, 2015

(I am a staff member of a weekend long anime convention. It’s the first day of the con and I’m working security duty, which usually just entails checking badges and answering questions. Earlier that week, one of our special guests had cancelled on us and because it was so last minute, most of the attendees aren’t aware until they arrive at the con.)

Female Con-Goer: “Excuse me! Do you know where [Cancelled Guest]’s panel is? The schedule says there’s supposed to be a panel right now but I can’t find it anywhere.”

(Literally the second I open my mouth, my walkie-talkie clicks on and we can both hear the voice very clearly.)

Coworker: “Hey, did we ever put up an announcement on the website about [Cancelled Guest] cancelling?”

(I watch the girl’s heartbreak before my eyes.)

Me: “Sorry.”

Female Con-Goer: “…Can I have a hug?”

(Yes, I gave her a hug.)

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