Machine Machinations

| Victoria, BC, Canada | Friendly | June 28, 2016

(I am having dinner with a friend and one of her other friends. We got off on a tangent, and he started talking about how he thought machines had feelings even until he was around 11.)

Friend: “This friend of my dad was telling me about these big machines he used at work, so I asked him how long he’d use them and he said ‘Oh, about three or four years, until they burn out.’ I thought it was so tragic!”

Me: “Imagine if Cars had come out when you were a kid!”

Friend: “…We DID have cars when I was a kid.”

Me: “No, I mean, the movie Cars. You know, Disney/Pixar?”

Friend: “Oh, yeah!” *laughs*

Me: “Right, because you’re so old you were born before the Industrial Revolution. That’s what I was saying…”

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