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Lying To The Bank Is Always A Bad Choice

, , , , | Learning | August 30, 2021

A long time ago, before computers were common, I worked at a college. Many students needed to verify grades and attendance to the sources of their financial assistance. In some cases, they had to pay money back.

A young guy came in with an older guy, presumably his father.

Young Guy: “I need a letter stating I was enrolled during the most recent semester.”

Me: “Just fill out this form.”

He filled out the form and I printed something off of the microfiche. (Really!) The guy looked at the paper.

Young Guy: “No, I need a letter saying that I attended the last semester.”

Me: “I can only print a transcript.”

I looked at the transcript and realized he didn’t attend the semester in question.

Young Guy: “Can’t you just say I attended?”

Me: “No, I really can’t.”

As they walked away, I heard:

Dad: “I told you so!”

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