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Lunch Freak

| Working | February 12, 2016

(I work a very early shift, from 5 am to 2 pm. My coworker picks up the second half of the day, so our hours don’t overlap much. We don’t see our supervisor much as he works on a different floor. One day he comes by my station as I am getting ready for lunch.)

Supervisor: “What are you doing?”

Me: “I’m getting ready to go to lunch. I always take my lunch around now.”

Supervisor: “No, you can’t go to lunch. It’s only 11 am. It’s far too early to be taking breaks on the job. Wait until 12 pm at the least, or better yet 1 pm.”

Me: “Um, my shift starts at 5 am. I’ve already been on-shift for over six hours with no break. Working for more than five hours in a single shift without a lunch break is actually against regs, but I don’t go to lunch until my coworker gets here to cover the desk. If I waited until 1 pm to go to lunch, I’d just go home, since my shift would be over by the time I got back. But that would still be against regs.”

Supervisor: “But it’s too early for lunch.”

Me: “It’s not early for me. As long as the desk is being covered, why does it matter?”

Supervisor: “I really think you need to develop a better work ethic.”

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