Luggage That Carries You

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I move overseas several times during my teenage years, going between parents and relatives in other countries that require extremely long flights with multiple layovers. I am at least sixteen at this time, so not quite an unaccompanied minor, but I am still a sickly, somewhat small teenager with two gigantic suitcases filled with my entire life’s belongings.

I’m waiting at the baggage carousel, packed in with over a hundred people, struggling to claim my bag and make my next flight. I catch sight of my bag.

Me: “Aha!”

I lunge through to grasp in, only able to grab it with one hand. However, I underestimate the weight of the bag and my own footing as the bag keeps going, bringing me along with it! Like a wave, I plow into the people next to me, screaming, “I’m sorry! Help!” and trying to plant my feet to no avail.

The people are surprised, off-balance, but thankfully laughing at the spectacle instead of getting mad.

Man: “Here you go, miss!”

He effortlessly lifts my bag off and away from the carousel, and I sprawl after it on the floor.

Me: “Thank you so much. I’m so sorry!”

Man: *Laughing* “Why didn’t you let go or ask for help?”

Me: “Um, I panicked?”

The rest of the crowd was giggling and checking up on me, offering me a hand up or help with my other bag. I felt terrible at the time but I’m glad I can look back and laugh at what a hilarious travel failure I used to be!

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