Lucky Number Thirteen

, , , | Working | July 8, 2016

(It’s my thirteenth birthday, and my big request for my present is a day trip to see the Smithsonian in D.C, about four hours drive from my house. After getting up super early we make the long drive, and visit the Natural History Museum, which is incredible! Afterwards, we go find a pizza place to eat at.)

Mom: *mentions something about my birthday as the waitress passes*

Waitress: *smiles* “Oh? It’s your birthday?”

Me: *internally dreading the idea of being sung to in front of people* “Yeah! I’m thirteen!”

Waitress: *winks* “Don’t worry, honey, we don’t do the singing thing here, but we do have something special for birthday girls!”

(Cut to about ten minutes later, and she deposits an adorable plushie dog in my arms! I don’t know who you are, waitress, but thank you so much! That was really sweet, and I still have the dog, who I have dubbed Max. And of course, thank you mom and daddy for an INCREDIBLE birthday! That could not have been cheap, but I will appreciate it forever!)

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