Lucky In Love

, , , , | Romantic | January 9, 2012

(My girlfriend and I have been together long enough where I feel it is appropriate and necessary to open up about some rough spots and baggage in my past. Some of the things are fairly severe, and I expect her to break up with me. We have reached the end of the discussion.)

Me: “I guess, basically, what I’m saying is that I tend to have really bad luck. If you’d be more comfortable staying as friends from this point on, I can totally respect and understand that.”

Girlfriend: “Yeah, well, guess what? We’re still on. I’m not going anywhere, and I have great luck, so, we can balance each other out. Because, well, because I love you! So there! I love you, and I have good luck. You’re lucky you found me!”

(This is the first time either one of us has said we love one another. I am slightly taken aback.)

Me: “Wow. I mean. Um. You know, I’m touched. That means a lot to me, and I love you! And, you’re right, I’m lucky to have found you.”

Girlfriend: “Oh, well. I mean, I’m lucky to have you and all that stuff. But, you know, you’re luckier!”

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