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Luckily They Were A-Mew-sed

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I work in the Member Service Department in a call center. So, naturally, when a certain health crisis hits, my company immediately decides to move everyone who was able to work from home, including our entire department.

Cut to a couple of weeks later. My cat has gotten used to me being home all the time but not quite that I have to work and I am not there to pet and give her attention at all times. Today, I am finishing up a call with an older member. The call is difficult and I have been on the phone with her for about a half-hour now. I think I have managed to save the situation by being a model of professionalism. Then, this happens.

Me: “Once again, thank you for your patience, Mrs. [Caller], and for allowing me to assist you. Again, I apologize that this has occurred.”

Caller: *Still agitated* “I am still not very happy! But you at least sound like you know what you’re doing, so I believe you did everything you could.

I heave a sigh of relief. My cat chooses this exact moment to jump onto my desk… and meow as loudly as she can into the mic.

Cat: “Mreow!”

Cue about five seconds of silence.

Caller: *Laughing* “Oh, my! Is that your cat? Oh, that is just the cutest! You’ve made my day! Oh, my.”

She is still laughing as she hangs up.

Cat: “Mreow?

Me: “Really?

It’s been almost two years now. She still interrupts my calls, but I have become much quicker at hitting the mute button.

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