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Loyal To This Area

| Working | April 4, 2017

Cashier: “Do you have a loyalty card?”

Me: “No.”

Cashier: “Do you want one?”

Me: “No, thank you.”

Cashier: “Without one you can’t buy anything from us.”

Me: “Oh, well, I’m not from around here, so I guess—”

Cashier: “So, you want one?”

Me: “No, I—”

Cashier: “Then you can’t shop with us. Do you want one?”

Me: *giving in* “Sure…”

Cashier: “I can do it from the register. What is your postcode?”

Me: “[Postcode].”

Cashier: “Wait, that’s not in [Area].”

Me: “No.”

Cashier: “Then you don’t need one. That’ll be £2.69, please.”

Me: “…”

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