Loving The Signs

| Friendly | May 15, 2016

(My friends and I are sitting in math class during a work time. We have finished all our work so we are doing other things. I am beginning to learn sign language so I tell them to ask me questions so I can answer in sign language but I start to get annoyed with them and try to insult them with what little sign language I know. I fortunately the first thing I think of is something Friend #1 taught me and is the only thing she knew in sign language.)

Me: *signs the “insult” at [Friend #2]*

Friend #1: “She just called you a fish taco.”

(Friend #2 then laughs and makes a sign and asks what it means. He meant to do the “rock and roll” hand gesture with the pointer and pinky finger out but he has his thumb pointed out, too.)

Me: *snickers* “That means I love you.”

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