Lovely Brotherly

| Canada | Related | March 21, 2013

(My brother is two years younger than me. Both of us are in our 20s, and look nothing alike. We are pretty close, and hang out quite a bit. We have just parked, and are getting out of my vehicle, when my brother is approached by a young woman.)

Woman: “Excuse me. I’m looking for donations for [local charity group].”

(She notices me walking over.)

Woman: “Oh, sir, your wife is very beautiful!”

Me: “You hear that, hon? I’m beautiful!”

(My brother plays along.)

Brother: “Not just beautiful, VERY beautiful!”

(The woman carries on with her speech, and my brother gives her some cash for her cause. I have come closer, so he gestures towards me.)

Brother: “Oh, and by the way, this is my sister.”

Woman: “Oh. Oooh!”

(She gets a little flustered, and looks embarrassed.)

Woman: “I’m so sorry! I just sensed a closeness, and I just assumed…”

Me: “It’s alright, happens to us enough that we’re used to it. Here’s another $20 for your charity; have a good day!”

(As we part ways with her…)

Brother: “Let’s not do that again. Let’s just correct them right away next time. It’s freaking me out how many people assume we’re a couple.”

Me: “Agreed…”

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