Love The (M)Old Vehicles

, , , | Right | September 30, 2019

(I am checking one of my sites, a domestic parking area. One car has been sitting here for a while, license plate shows it’s actually up for “clipping.” EU regulations demand a bi-yearly checkup or they lose their plates. Although this area doesn’t have time limits, the car is unsightly and currently hindering new paving work. I call the owner, telling him to move his car or it will be towed. He immediately throws a fit.)

Owner: “I am allowed to stay here as long as I want. Besides, this car is in use all the time and I live here, in [address]!”

Me: “Sir, the car is not in use, and it’s in the way. You need to put it somewhere else.”

Owner: “How can you claim my car is not in use? You need to prove that!”

Me: “Your steering wheel is moldy.”

Owner: *pause* “I’ll have it moved by Friday.”

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