They Love The Ones They Can’t Admit The Most

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(My four-year-old daughter loves to sing and to improvise lyrics. On this occasion we have been celebrating Mother’s Day and we are driving home from visiting her grandparents. I’m sitting next to her in the car.)

Daughter: “Can I sing a song for you, Mamma?”

Me: “Oh, yes, of course!” *expecting something lovely and cute, about Mother’s Day*

Daughter: *singing while keeping eye contact* “Oh, Mamma, you are so beautifuuuul, but I don’t love youuuuu. I love [Best Friend #1], [Best Friend #2], [Her Cousin], and [Daycare Worker]… aaaaand Papa! Wasn’t that a nice song, Mamma?”

Me: “Yes, it was. Yes. It. Was. I’m a bit sad that you don’t love me, but I liked your song, and you sing it so nicely!”

Daughter: “I’m fond of you, Mamma, but I love Papa the most.”

(I know she loves me, though. She’s just not very pleased with my parenting strategies nowadays.)

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