Love On Autopilot

, , , , | Romantic | September 29, 2019

(I work at the cafe at the university my boyfriend and I attend. One evening, we schedule to meet up and he arrives at the cafe about 30 minutes before my shift ends. He decides to get a coffee while he waits. I am working the register and there are about ten people in the queue before his turn comes up, so I am on complete autopilot.)

Me: “Welcome to [Shop]. What would you like to order?”

Boyfriend: “One coffee, please.”

Me: “What size?”

Boyfriend: “Medium.”

Me: “Would you like a sandwich or pastry on sale with your coffee?”

Boyfriend: “No, thank you.”

Me: “Would you like to have it here or to take away?”

Boyfriend: *amused* “Take away.”

Me: “All right, that will be a total of [total]. Will you be paying cash or credit?”

Boyfriend: “Cash.”

Me: “May I have a name with that?”

(I stared at him for a second and it wasn’t until my coworker burst into laughter that I realized I’d just asked my boyfriend of over a year for his name.)

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