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Love Me Tender, Love Me Spew, Part 2

| Romantic | April 11, 2012

(I’m ill, and have been in the bathroom all night puking. My husband doesn’t handle vomiting well, but is trying to be supportive. He is hanging outside the bathroom. He gets thirsty, and finds an iced tea I picked up on the way home for him.)

Husband: “Where’d this ice tea come from?”

Me: “I brought it from—” *BLARGH*

Husband: “Can I have it?”

Me: “I got it for—” *BLARGH*

Husband: “Puke once for yes, and twice for no.”

(I puke four times in succession.)

Husband: “Wait, you don’t even like iced tea. You got this for me? ”


Husband: “I love you, too!”


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