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Love Isn’t The Only Thing In The Air, Part 13

| Romantic | December 11, 2014

(My husband and I had just gotten off work from a call center. It’s the middle of winter and I’ve got the heat roaring. We’re stopped at a red light and suddenly I smell this really bad odor. My husband is trying his hardest to keep a straight face.)

Me: “What is that?”

Husband: *between giggles* “Baby, I’m sorry,”

(The light is still red when my eyes start to water and I start coughing. Between the smell and the heat making it worse, I start going into an asthma attack, rotating between coughing and wheezing. My husband realizing what’s happening starts looking for my inhaler and apologizing profusely even as he just starts dying he’s laughing so hard.)

Husband: “I’m… I’m sorry! I feel horrible! But oh, my god, it’s just so freaking funny!”


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