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Love Isn’t A Complicated Puzzle

, , , , | Related | April 14, 2020

My grandma loves to do puzzles with us, and because of quarantine, we have been doing quite a few. Because I can find a piece’s spot quickly, I sometimes will hand her a piece I’ve located the spot for and ask her for help. We’re doing a large floor puzzle.

Me: “Grandma?”

Grandma: “Yes?”

Me: “I can’t figure out where this piece is. Can you please help me?”

Grandma: “Okay.”

I will then hand her the piece and give her clues like, “What fish has those colours?” or, “That has a flat edge, so maybe look around the frame,” and so on. Sometimes I will tell her to rotate it or move it over, and when she gets it I will exclaim that she is better than all of us and ask her how she got her skills. I love seeing the giant smile on her face when this happens and her boost in confidence. As I was telling my parents this secret, they told me they used to do the same thing to me, and it made my heart warm that I was in a way continuing this little cycle.

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