Love Is A Minecraft Minefield

| Romantic | November 12, 2013

(My boyfriend is playing ‘Minecraft,’ a building game, on his computer. He calls me over to show me the base he is building. It’s of note that we are both geeky, but don’t necessarily geek out over the same stuff.)

Boyfriend: “…and this is platform one, and this is platform two…”

Me: “Where are you going to build platform 9 3/4?”

(I laugh, but he looks at me blankly. I stop.)

Me: “Please tell me you know what that’s from.”

Boyfriend: “Umm… nope.”

(I shake my head.)

Me:Harry Potter! We can’t be friends anymore.”

Boyfriend: “Well, d***.”

Me: “It’s okay; I’ll still sleep with you.”

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