Love In The Time Of Zombies, Part 15

| Romantic | November 17, 2015

(My boyfriend and I are in a club playing Zombies vs. Humans on campus. I was just infected and in turn, infect him. After this, we are working together in the library on our respective assignments and I am starting to buckle under pressure.)

Me: “I’m dying…”

Boyfriend: “Take a break. You won’t get anything done if you overwork yourself.”

Me: “I haven’t gotten anything done yet!”

Boyfriend: “That’s not true. You’ve been working through ideas and doing research. In 20 minutes you can come back to it a little… fresher.” *hugs me from behind* “Don’t kill yourself on this, my dear. I really want this relationship to work.”

Me: “And dying calls off our relationship? I’m a zombie, remember?”

Boyfriend: “Right! So you’re undead! You can’t die!”

Me: “But I would’ve already had to have died to get to this current zombie state, right?”

Boyfriend: *hugging tighter* “Noooooooo, [My Name], be more optimistic! Don’t give up and die yet!”

Me: “But… but science.”


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