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Love In A Handbag

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There is only one bookstore in the village I live in, and they sell more than books — scarves, cups, toys for children, handbags, aprons, etc. — so it’s quite popular, even if it’s a bit expensive. It’s a slow day and I’m browsing aimlessly when a young teenager with an obvious disability comes in. She looks through the handbags and excitedly goes to the cashier.

Teen: “It’s my birthday today. My parents gave me 15€ to buy myself something I like! I want a new handbag. Can you help me find one?”

Cashier: “Oh, happy birthday! I’m sorry, I’d like to help you, but I’m the only member of the staff present right now and I can’t leave the counter unattended…”

I can see the cashier’s a bit embarrassed, as the handbags are pretty expensive, and it would be hard to find one below 30€. The teen looks through the bags and brings some to the counter, only to bring them back because they are too expensive. Eventually, the cashier does leave her counter and has a quick look around with the teenage girl. Together, they find a beautiful royal blue handbag. I’m waiting for the cashier to ring her out and see the price: 22,5 €. Still, the cashier smiles.

Cashier: *Happily* “Your total is 15€, please.”

The teenager pays and leaves, excited and happy. The cashier greets me and rings my stuff.

Me: “Sorry, but I have to ask… I saw this girl’s total was twenty-two something, but she paid fifteen?”

The cashier just smiles and shrugs.

Cashier: “Today’s my last day, and I happened to have a bit of cash in my pocket. At least I made someone happy today.”

Wherever this cashier is now, I hope she found her dream job that makes her happy.

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