Love Is Equal In Every Language

, , , | Learning | June 29, 2017

(We have foreign languages class and the teacher ask everyone to pair up and perform dialogue. This dialogue is between two people who both mention a wife; otherwise, there is no hint on gender. In previous classes, the teacher had told us to change gender in dialogues if applicable. They did. I didn’t.)

Teacher & Students: *surprised*

Partner: “Mr. [Teacher] told the girls to change it to husband.”

Me: “I don’t need to. Why can’t I have a wife?”

Partner: “You’re gay?”

Me: “I’m bi.”

(The class gasps, surprised or understanding.)

Teacher: *awkwardly* “Let’s not get off topic; just continue on. Anyone can have a wife.”

(Unfortunately, after this, when dialogues called for similar things, we had a few straight boys, who were friends, who purposely changed dialogue so they had boyfriends and husbands or chose the part of a woman to do so and did it dramatically. It made the class and teacher amused. It got really ridiculous because they did this for fun, and once, a boy even brought in his mum’s dress to wear. The teacher allowed it, but only while he was performing if he wore it over his uniform. I switched class next semester.)

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