Love Can Sneak Up On You

| Romantic | October 24, 2011

(I have just finished my shift at a pizza place. I’ve gotten out of uniform, taken my glasses off, and untied my hair. I walk over to a male coworker, who is still working behind the counter.)

Me: “How much is it for me to get a sandwich?”

Coworker: “Well, it’s $6.95, but for you, I’ll make it $5.”

Me: “Wait, I thought our discounts were 50%?”

Coworker: “Just because you’re cute doesn’t mean you can get it that cheap. But, if I can get your number, I’ll pay for it myself.”

Me: “I already gave it to you twice last week.”

Coworker: “How could you have? I’ve never seen you before!”

Me: “Yeah, sure.”

(I reach over the counter to grab a cup for my drink.)

Coworker: “Normally I’d charge you for that, but since you’re so adorable I’ll give it to you. So, what’s your name? Want to go to dinner next week?”

Me: *holding up name tag*

Coworker: “…you’re a ninja, aren’t you?”

(We’ve been together 6 months now.)

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