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Love Begets Life Begets A Love-life

| Romantic | June 12, 2012

(At 17 years old I found out that it was a strong possibility that I wouldn’t be able to have children. So my life-long best friend decides he’d help me have a baby then, as it might not be possible later on. My best friend is handing me our newborn daughter just after giving birth.)

Me: “Isn’t she beautiful?”

Best friend: “Yeah she is, but look at her onesie!”

(I unwrap her blanket. Her onesie reads ‘Will you please marry my daddy?’)

Me: “Are you serious?”

Best friend: “I didn’t do this as a favor, I did this because I love you, and I’m ready to start an adventurous life with you and our girl! Marry me?”

(I said yes. We were married four weeks later, and have been married for five years. He was right, every day is an adventure and our baby daughter is the light of our lives!)

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