Love, And Other Drugs, Part 5

| Romantic | March 31, 2015

(I have quite low self esteem. I have been with my boyfriend two years and have gotten a lot better since we first met. I also have very bad back problems for which I’m on quite strong medication. On the day this happens I am going away for a long weekend with some friends for Friend #1’s birthday. We are waiting for the last of our friends to meet us.)

Me: “D*** it!”

Friend #1: “What’s wrong?”

Me: “I forgot my new box of meds. I’ve only got a few left and I don’t know if they’ll last me until we get back.”

Friend #2: “Can you go get them?”

Me: “We don’t have enough time.”

Friend #1: “See if [Boyfriend] can drop them to you.”

(I call him, waking him up after a late night at work.)

Me: “I’m really sorry for waking you, but could you maybe meet us and drop off my meds? I forgot them.”

Boyfriend: “I knew you’d forget something, I’ll be there soon. Love you.” *hangs up*

Friend #1: “Seriously, [My Name], don’t let him go. Not many guys would do that. And next time you get insecure about [Boyfriend] loving you and all emotional, I’ll remind you of this and b****-slap you.”


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