Loud And Fear

, , , , | Right | January 27, 2021

It’s New Year’s Day and my cashier shift has just ended. The store is practically empty so I go up to the customer service desk and tell them I am heading off, but there’s nobody to cover for me yet.

Coworker: “Just check out the next person while we find someone to cover for you.”

I walk up and there are three people waiting to check out.

Me: “Hello! I can check you out real quick while they get someone else to cover for me!”

Customer: “What’s going on?! I can’t check out anywhere; you need to open somewhere so I can check out!”

Me: “I can check you out, ma’am—”

Customer: *Talking loudly* “I can’t hear you! Speak up.”

I repeat myself four times, talking quite loudly so that everyone can hear me, including the customers behind her.

Customer: *Aggressively turning around* “I have no idea what is going on and this girl won’t tell me anything!”

Me: “I said I will check you out.” 

The customer can magically hear again, giving me her stuff. After the transaction is done, I sign out as someone is there to cover, finally.

Customer: “You shouldn’t be working somewhere if you’re incapable of speaking up.”

I just gave her a piercing stare and didn’t say anything as I walked away.

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