Lots Of People Don’t Like Change, But, Uh…

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Come payday, I get my check on a card and usually hit the ATM to pull out cash for bills. As the card and ATM charge two different fees, I try to only hit the ATM once each payday. This time, I have a thirty-dollar bill due and a fifty-dollar bill due. Easy enough; I just need to split a twenty.

I go into the store to buy food with my card and split the twenty.

Me: *To the cashier* “How are you today, sir?”

The cashier is new; I’ve never seen him before. He says nothing to me but rings everything up silently.

Me: “I’d like to pay by card, but can y’all split this twenty for me?”

Cashier: “No. You can use cash or card, not both.”

Me: “Okie doke, no problem.”

I pay with a card and we finish the transaction.

Me: “Now can you split this twenty?”

Cashier: “Nope. You have to buy something first.”

Me: “Okay?”

I grab a candy which comes out to eighty-eight cents after tax, and I lay down twenty-one dollars.

Me: “I’d like that change in fives or tens, please.”

Cashier: “I don’t have any tens.”

Me: “Okay, fives are fine, too.”

The cashier hits the button for exact change, the drawer pops out, and he tries to hand me the twenty back with no coins.

Me: “Sorry, but I need fives. Or even ones. I don’t need a twenty.” 

The manager comes over and redoes the transaction, having to tell the cashier to type in that I gave him twenty-one dollars for the eighty-eight-cent candy.

The cashier hands me four fives, zero coins. Then, he slams the drawer, turns away without a word, and simply walks off.

Me: “I didn’t get… Never mind.” 

If that’s how he acts to polite customers, he won’t last long.

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