Lost The Key To Success

| Working | November 14, 2013

(I work nights at an adult retail store with a staff of four: myself, the store manager, the assistant manager, and a part-time employee, who is notoriously flakey. I get to work for my night shift on Monday, to find the store manager really worked up.)

Manager: “Oh, you will never believe what [Coworker] did last night.”

Me: “Uh-oh.”

Manager: “He called me, AT CLOSING AT 10 pm, to tell me that he couldn’t find his keys, and could I come up and lock the store for him.”

Me: “But he keeps his keys on a lanyard, and didn’t he have them when he got in?”

Manager: “Yes, because at 8 pm he locked up to grab dinner. I have torn this place apart today looking for them; I even went through the TRASH. They are not in the store, and he swears he checked all his clothes and bags and he doesn’t have them, which means that he probably left them IN THE DOOR when he got back, and they’re gone. Keep an eye out for them, but I doubt you’re going to find them.”

(About two hours after the manager leaves, my coworker comes in with a friend.)

Coworker: “Hey, I think I left my phone and charger here last night; can I take a look for them?”

Me: “Seriously? [Manager] spent all day tearing this place apart looking for your keys. If your phone were here, he would’ve found it.”

Coworker: “Oh. I don’t know where else it could BE!”

Me: “Did you check your bags from last night?”

Coworker: “Yeah, I checked every pocket in my clothes and the bags; my phone’s not there and my keys aren’t there. Oh well, have a good night.”

(Two days later, the assistant manager tells me that [Coworker] had found both his keys and his phone in the pockets of the jacket he’d worn to work on Sunday!)

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