They Lost The Name Game

, , | Working | September 28, 2017

(I get an automated scam call. I stay on the line because they sometimes offer a don’t-call-back option that, in my experience, USUALLY stops the calls from any particular series of scammers. They have the option, so I press it and the call automatically ends. The phone almost immediately rings again, coming from a blocked number.)

Me: “Hello?”

(A live rep immediately goes into the same spiel as the automated one.)

Me: *interrupting* “Sorry, who are you calling for?”

(He starts the spiel again from the beginning.)

Me: “No, no. Who are you calling for?”

Scammer: “We’re calling about your credit card—”

Me: “My credit card? Okay. Who am I, then?”

Scammer: *hesitating* “You qualify for a lower interest—”

Me: “If you know what I qualify for, you know my name. Who are you calling for?”

Scammer: “We’re calling about a credit card—”

Me: “NAME.”

Scammer: *stammering* “We’re offering a lower interest rate on a credit card—”

Me:Name! Give me a name. I know what you’re calling about; I want to know who you’re calling for. Give me a name! No offers, no numbers; name. Just a name!

Scammer: *slams phone*

Me: *cackle*

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