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Lost In Translation

, , , | Right | October 5, 2009

(I’m a host at a restaurant and I’m talking to a customer after ringing them out.)

Customer: “So, are you in high school?”

Me: “No, I’m in college.”

Customer: “Oh, that’s great! What do you want to do with your degree?”

Me: “Well, I’m majoring in history. I want to get a Ph.D. and be a professor.”

Customer: “Oh, you shouldn’t do that. You should be an air traffic controller!”

Me: “Um… I don’t know if that’s the right job for me. It would be a little too stressful.”

Customer: “But you know what the worst job in the world is?”

Me: “What?”

Customer: “Translator.”

Me: “A translator? Why?”

Customer: “Because the government kills them.”

Me: “What?”

Customer: “It’s true. My husband was in the Navy for 35 years, and after secret meetings, the translators knew too much, so they would take them out back and shoot them.”

Me: “Oh. Wow, that’s… terrible. I guess I won’t be a translator, then.”

Customer: “Good. Remember, become an air traffic controller!”

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