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Lost In No Translation, Part 6

, , , , | Right | January 17, 2023

At a bookshop I frequent, they pride themselves in having a large selection of books in other languages, but obviously, there are limits. One day, as I am browsing, I overhear this conversation.

Customer: “Hi. I’m looking for [YouTuber]’s book but translated into Albanian. Do you have any?”

Bookseller: “I don’t think we have it — or that it exists at all — but I can try to look.”

Customer: “I’m sure it exists. I saw it on [Website], and it said it was available in Albanian.”

Bookseller: “Then I’ll look it up and place an order for it.”

A little later, I go to the till. I see the bookseller furiously typing away and then sighing resignedly.

Bookseller: “I am sorry, madam, but that book isn’t translated into Albanian, or into any language; it’s only in Italian.”

Customer: “How’s that possible? [YouTuber] is popular in Albania, too. They must’ve translated it for sure!”

Bookseller: *Turns the monitor* “You’re free to take a look.”

The customer looks at the screen in icy silence for a long while and then stomps her feet before shuffling out.

Customer: “F****** [YouTuber], not wanting to pay for an Albanian translation…”

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