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Lost Card, Lost Employee

, , , | Working | February 23, 2023

I recently lost my debit card. I locked my card and went to a banking location to ask about temporary cards.

Me: “Hi. I recently lost my debit card, and I was hoping to get a temporary one as I am going on a trip in a few days.”

Banking Assistant: “Unfortunately, we don’t do temporary cards anymore, but you can get your card on your phone now.”

Me: “I have my card locked as I lost it. I was looking for a temporary one until a new one comes in.”

Banking Assistant: “If you unlock yours, you can activate a digital card through your app and use that.”

Me: “I don’t want my card to be used by anyone else, which is why I locked it.”

Banking Assistant: “But if you unlock it, you can still use it as a digital card.”

This went on a few rounds before I finally was able to say, “No, thanks.” I don’t know how she didn’t understand that if I unlocked my card to use the digital one, then my lost card could be used if someone found it. I ended up rush-ordering a new one before my trip.

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