Lost And Found You

, , | Hopeless | May 9, 2016

(I’m at the park with my toddler, chasing him between the play-scapes, when a boy about eight years old does a double-take and runs over to me.)

Boy: “Hey, lady! Did you lose your wallet?”

(I reach in my pocket & realize my wallet had fallen out; I look up slightly panicked.)

Me: “Yeah, I guess I did.”

(He begins shouting at another boy.)

Boy: “I found her! I found her!”

(The other boy runs over as he explains that they’d found my wallet, looked inside at the license and were looking out for someone who matched the picture. I hadn’t even realized I’d lost my wallet. We walk over to the concession stand where they turned it in and point me out to the cashier.)

Boy: “Here’s the lady who lost her wallet!”

(She grudgingly compares the picture before handing it over. When I look inside, everything, including cash and credit cards, is there.)

Me: “Okay, guys, pick out something. Anything – it’s on me!”

Boys: *excited* “Wow! Really?”

Me: “You saved me from having to replace a license and cancel all my credit cards. It’s the least I can do.”

(In the end, they settled for a couple of snow cones. Thanks, guys. Not only did you find my wallet but devised a clever way to find ME!)

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