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Lost And Found And Lost

, , | Right | March 25, 2021

I come in to work the day after a huge event to find an item with a note on it, saying it was left by a customer. It gets put in the lost-and-found drawer. Two weeks go by, and we all but forget about it, when someone walks in.

Coworker: *To me* “Hey, [My Name], there’s a guy here who says he left something.”

Me: “Sure, over here. How’s it going? What was the item you left?”

Customer: “It was [item].”

Sure enough, it’s the item that was left two weeks ago.

Me: “Oh, what did it look like?”

Customer: “It was black and had—”

Me: “Right, here you go.” *Jokingly* “Now don’t do it again.”

Customer: *Smiling sheepishly* “Right.”

He then wanders around the store a bit with his item, and finally stops to ask if we sell a product. We do, we finish the transaction… and then he goes and buys more things. A few minutes later, I see him walking out, and notice…

Me: “Have a good night! Wait… did you remember your [item]?”

The customer turns around immediately and throws an even more embarrassed grin at me.

Customer: “No!”

He had set the item down on a table and had forgotten it… again. We had a good laugh about it.

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